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If you thought mobile wasn’t mainstream


Even after all of the stories and case studies in Module 7: Mobile & Geo-social Environments of our class, one might still feel that mobile apps are still for the upwardly mobile and not an immediate concern for libraries.

I picked up pizza for lunch and this box from Domino’s really hit me. Almost anyone from any class in the US goes for pizza at least once in awhile. Domino’s doesn’t care about creating a better or more techy future, they just want to sell more pizza. So if they’re more or less completely blowing off the idea of calling in your order and using their mobile site, maybe we ought to be paying attention.  I don’t think they’d be taking this type of advertising if they didn’t view their market as mobile intensive. And they have way more marketing money to spend then we do.

What do you think? Do you see advertising like this in your community?