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The “US” Book……and Being Private in Public

Came across two items this week:  an interesting proposal for Facebook alternative, and a journal article on bloggers’ sense of privacy.  

Thanks to for news on a possible Facebook alternative, the “US Book”:  Toward a family-friendly Facebook alternative to preserve your memories and help future historians–while respecting privacy


Being private in public: information disclosure behaviour of Israeli bloggers, Information Research, vol. 18 no. 4, December, 2013 

The paper  brought to mind the MOOC and discussions we had on comfort levels of staff when disclosing their personality through social media tools.  The research project “examined four different elements: self-disclosure patterns, the role that anonymity plays in the disclosure of information, the connection bloggers have with their readers and how the readers’ comments influence the bloggers’ information disclosure behaviour”.  

Here’s an excerpt from conclusions:

In summary, participants struggled with the dichotomy between the public and the private spheres in blogging that is based on the balance needed between the need for privacy and the need for community based on identification with others. The self-disclosure patterns revealed in this study demonstrate that blogs play an important role in the participants’ lives, by providing a venue for self-expression and by supporting the creation of a social network that offers rewards in social interaction.