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What Do You Aspire to in 2014

Hello and Happy New Year. Hoping that everyone had a good welcome to 2014. This is an open inquiry to visitors and members of this site: What are you looking for in this new year? What do you hope to do (or perhaps hope to do less of, or do differently); things you want to explore; professional goals; what would make 2014 a satisfying year for you? I will respond also in comments, but wanted to extend this outreach toward sharing a sense of intention or aspiration as we begin this new year together. Best of luck to all, may 2014 be a good year.


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  1. What do I aspire to in 2014? To be kind – to myself, and to others, at work and in my home life. If I achieve that good things will follow. Increasingly I understand that my concern for people is what drives me and my choices.

  2. 2014 promised to be a VERY exciting year as I plan to launch my professional website and my consulting business and grow, and learn, and contribute, and grow and learn and contribute REPEAT!


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