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Question: What has the MOOC inspired YOU to do?

While it is not my (Daniel Cornwall’s) personal intention to duplicate all content from our Alumni Facebook group here, there is a question generating some good comments that I wanted to crosspost here, on the assumption there is not a full overlap in audiences.

“Is there something that the Hyperlinked Library MOOC/Hyperlinked Library inspired you to try at work and have you done it yet?”


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  1. I am going to take the question as a newly graduate of LIS (I graduate next Monday) I have begun an amazing journey ever since I entered the MLIS and it is through these many social networking sites that I have gained confidence in my newly found career.
    As I do not have the hands on experience that many of my online colleagues have I intend to watch you closely as you refine your own personal learning space whether online or offline, and I hope to take the many lessons you shall give to myself and others and expand and refine my own knowledge of a LIS professional.

    • Congratulations on your graduation! In the US we have a neat site called I Need a library Job. Aside from their job listings (that include Ireland!)the site features a number of articles on job searching, online presence, etc that you might find helpful even from Ireland.

      • Thanks Daniel, there is also a couple that is Irish based and UK! I will keep a close eye have applied for 4 in the last few weeks however I need experience so my chances are slim! 😞

  2. Siobhan my congratulations too. Stand up and sell yourself to libraries that appeal to you – be your own best advert 🙂

  3. I’m still a LIS student. My Online Professional Learning Network assignment dealing with resources on digitization is helping me to prepare for my digitization and digital preservation class in Spring Semester at SJSU SLIS.

  4. Hi Siobhan, adding my congratulations here, as well. A toast to celebrate a journey of merit, labor and accomplishment. To add to what Daniel had shared about job listings, not sure if you are on LinkedIn, and if so follow any entities or belong to any groups there. The reason I mention this is that job notices appear in my LinkedIn-associated email inbox quite often, posted by some of the groups I follow. Also listservs can be another good way of learning of open positions, where the information comes to you. For instance here is a listing of ALA interest / discussion groups (, not sure what might be available on European / international fronts. Best of luck to you. -Evan

  5. Thanks, Daniel, for doing this! I enjoyed the MOOC immensely, but due to other obligations was unable to be quite as collaboratively active as I would have liked (new and quite exciting job, two other classes, etc., etc.). I’d love to stay in touch, though, and this looks like a perfect way (as well as the Facebook Alumni group)! You rock!

    • Daniel Cornwall

      Hi Margaret, Thanks for your kind words. It was definitely a group effort. If it weren’t for Evan and Cath, we wouldn’t be here. Glad to hear about the new and exciting job. Maybe post to the Alumni group?


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