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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Question: What has the MOOC inspired YOU to do?

While it is not my (Daniel Cornwall’s) personal intention to duplicate all content from our Alumni Facebook group here, there is a question generating some good comments that I wanted to crosspost here, on the assumption there is not a full overlap in audiences.

“Is there something that the Hyperlinked Library MOOC/Hyperlinked Library inspired you to try at work and have you done it yet?”


New FAQ Page

New FAQ Page

As part of our growing process, we’ve posted an FAQ page. Mostly for editors and prospective editors, the page does address blog themes. If we’ve missed a question, please leave a comment here or on the page.

If you thought mobile wasn’t mainstream


Even after all of the stories and case studies in Module 7: Mobile & Geo-social Environments of our class, one might still feel that mobile apps are still for the upwardly mobile and not an immediate concern for libraries.

I picked up pizza for lunch and this box from Domino’s really hit me. Almost anyone from any class in the US goes for pizza at least once in awhile. Domino’s doesn’t care about creating a better or more techy future, they just want to sell more pizza. So if they’re more or less completely blowing off the idea of calling in your order and using their mobile site, maybe we ought to be paying attention.¬† I don’t think they’d be taking this type of advertising if they didn’t view their market as mobile intensive. And they have way more marketing money to spend then we do.

What do you think? Do you see advertising like this in your community?

New Sidebar Resources – Anything Else?

UPDATE 11/24/2013 3:50 AST – In response to a comment from Bonnie Bredes, I have moved the individual links below to separate pages. You should now see:

  • Modules
  • Other HyperLibMOOC Resources
  • Student Work

As tabs across the top and links in the sidebar. Clicking on the title of any of these links will take you to the appropriate set of links.


In order to better tie Hyperlinked Library MOOC materials together here at the Alumni site, we’ve added the following resources in our sidebar:

We had to stick letters in front of the Module names to get them to sort correctly in the WordPress Links Widget.

We’d like to know the following:

  • Should we have these resources on a separate page or pages?
  • Are there other HyperLibMOOC resources you’d like to see on this blog?

Welcome – What shall we do together?

During the Fall 2013 semester at San Jose State University nearly 400 people from around the world were brought together in the Hyperlinked Library MOOC. For twelve weeks we got to know one another and digested great lectures, videos, articles, blog posts and more. We started great conversations.

Some of us didn’t want these conversations to end. So after surveying our classmates, we started this group blog and a Facebook group. ¬†Anyone who has taken either the Hyperlinked Library class or Hyperlinked Library MOOC at San Jose State University is welcome to join us here or on Facebook.

We’re still working out blog details, so keep watching this space.